How to Get Your Life Back NOW!

5X Cancer "Thriver", Kelly Gallagher, shares her secrets to survival

5x cancer survivor, powered by her 6th pacemaker, AND A NEW HEART VALVE...Kelly Gallagher has spent her life merging the worlds of alternative and conventional medicine. From grounding to juicing to lazer energetic detoxification, this leader in

personal power healthcare has done

it all to save her own life.

Now, she's teamed up her doctor, Dr. Lee Cowden, to create the Get Your Life Back Now! series and bring this life saving information to you.

You get the knowledge of 16 Doctors, and Leading Experts who will share life saving tips and news you can use for optimal wellness.

Let this year be the year you Get Your Life Back Now!

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For less than the price of one visit to the Doctor's office, you can have the wisdom of

16 world-class Doctors and 8 Experts right from the comfort of your own home!



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These Doctors are at the Forefront of a Health Revolution

You Don't Need to Go Deaf, Blind and Lose Your Mind

Dr. Jonathan Wright

Medical Director, Tahoma Clinic

The Cancer Revolution: a Program to Reverse & Prevent Cancer

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy 

Medical Director, New Center for Medicine, Author The Cancer Revolution

The Sixth Extinction: The Future of Humanity If the Global Vaccine Agenda Continues

Dr. Andrew Wakefield 

Former Gastroenterologist, Filmmaker Director - VAXXED; From Cover-Up to Catastrophy

Power Up! How to Improve Your Mitochondrial Function with Diet & Light to Prevent and Treat Diseases

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Global Health Guru

Fear, Faith, & Falsehoods: Cancer is Not a Death Sentence , also How to Recover a Child from Autism

Dr. William "Lee" Cowden

Co-Founder & Medical Director Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

Nature of Chronic Disease

Dr. Paula Strait

Family Physician, Osteopath from Simple Medicine Clinic

Prevent Diabetes & Heart Disease with the Right Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger 

MD CCN, World Expert - Electrotherapy

Emotional Freedom Tools: Mind- Body to Build Resilience

Dr. Michelle La Masa-Shrader 

Schrader PhD, Recall Healing

High Vibrational Diet: A Simple Segway to High Vibrational Living

Dr. Steve Sinatra

Metabolic Integrative Cardiology, Author, Founder of New England Heart Center

Reversing Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia with 85% Success

Dr. Steven Hines 

Co-Founder, Hope Wellness Center, Acuna, Mexico

Your Body is Electric & Healing is Voltage

Dr. Jerry Tennant

Founder, Tennant Institute Founder, Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society

Root Canaled Teeth: The Secret Hiding Place of Microorganisms

Dr. Blanche Grube

Biological Dentist, Grube Huggins Protocol

Dear Fellow Travelers...

I love my experience thus far on this rock we call Earth. It has been intense and filled with the opportunity to grow and explore on numerous levels.

I am not always graceful in the process but my goal is to continually spiral upwards and always be a better me.

I’m a 5x cancer survivor powered by my 6th pacemaker and a new heart valve. I must tell you this because it has spanned my entire life.

We all have things that shape the way we think, act, do and be. I used to make fun of my cancer because it was one of the ways I dealt with it. Or I ignored it.

Denial worked for some time or maybe it was the ADD. Whatever you want to call it, I refused to buy into the cancer. Instead I chose to focus on creating my own personal power healthcare plan by changing the way I ate, thought and lived... eventually.

Are you living in denial of your health?

I don’t usually look at what I lost but If I get honest, I did lose or have to let go of a lot of things having cancer. Or at least that’s how it seemed then.

I realize now how much I gained and the road I was blessed to travel. First it was my spleen and my perfect stomach and my engineering degree.

Then it was my Life as a TriDelta at the University of Florida and my involvement in collegiate sports. That was my early 20’s.

My thirties, when my friends were having babies, I was rediagnosed with 2 cancer and dealing with a tumor the size of a grapefruit in my stomach.

You can know NOW, what I didn't know THEN. Do. Not. Wait...I would have given anything to have had access to the information on this dvd at the beginning of my journey to health and wellness.

Learn how to avoid, heal or deal with...

ADD, MS, ALS, Diabetes, Cancer, Memory Loss, Vision & Hearing Loss,

Autism, Chronic Neurological Disorders, Lyme Disease,

Heart Disease, and much more!

I also married a world class drummer while I was on this journey for wellness, which was a huge 10 year chapter of my life.

A chapter where I was attempting to balance being a newlywed, married to a touring drummer with chemotherapy, radiation, dental mercury removal, the 7 Day Rapid Cleanse with Dr. Cowden, breast implant removal, coffee enemas, pancreatic enzyme treatment, root canal extractions, cavitation surgeries, macrobiotics, raw foods... all intertwined with my then husband’s numerous rock tours.

I turned every visit on the rock n roll road into a “health” investigation and opportunity tour. I made it through the 4 cancer recurrences but I had a high dose stem cell transplant and lost the ability to have children.

My marriage didn’t survive either and super traumatic at the time…I lost my eyebrows. They still haven’t grown back.

But today, I’m alive and grateful and I want to share my hindsight with you!! Don't wait to learn all the amazing health benefits of integrative medicine that took me all those years to gather. Your daily decisions could be causing you serious harm in the meantime!

'Inconsequential' daily decisions are damaging your health!!

"I was given a year to live 21 years ago."

- Kelly

I see the possibility for everyone to be healed and be healthy.

I was given a year to live 21 years ago. At the time I had three main Doctors and had just finished an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant for Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. My oncologist was from Tower Hematology and Oncology and was in charge of Bone Marrow Transplants at Cedars. I also had one Doctor/Chiropracter from Iran that also did energy work, and one integrative Doctor in Texas that was board certified as a cardiologist but had spent his career learning about successful cures to terminal diseases around the world. I flew across the country to see him all the time and I still do. I never expected to live this long but did. I navigated the worlds of alternative and conventional medicine merging and keeping what worked and letting go of what didn't. For example, when I was first re-diagnosed with cancer at 29, I went on a macrobiotic diet and gained 20lbs. My boyfriend lost 20. I quit macrobiotics and moved on to raw foods until my skin was turning green from the wheatgrass I later learned I was allergic to.I kept focusing on my personal goals and supporting my immune system and now 21 years later I can tell ou what worked and what didn't. You can heal yourself with nutritional adjustments and by removing toxins from your emotions, your environment, and your dinner table.

This rock and roll five time cancer survivor thriver is happy having successfully navigated my own world tour of conventional and alternative medicine for over 35 years.

Through the brilliance of modern medicine and the support of integrative therapies I get to live a healthy productive life.

Now I get the opportunity to assist others who are going through different stages of illness, chronic pain, recovery or wellness.


The Get Your Life Back Now Summit is something everyone should attend. I was fortunate to have friends that cared enough to share this information with me. If you have people you love who are suffering share this DVD with them!

–George M.

Learn little-known health facts from leading MD's!

How your dental work is affecting your overall health (it's WAY more than you think!)

How to eat to fight ROOT CAUSES of illness, rather than just treating symptoms. (ps. fat is good!?!?)

Little-known ways you're being exposed to toxic heavy metals.

Jam-Packed DVD Includes All of the Following...

The State of the Union for Our Health

  • MC Doug Kaufmann

You Don't Need to Go Deaf, Blind & Lose Your Mind

  • Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD

Root Canaled Teeth and the Secret Hiding Place of Microorganisms

  • Dr. Blanche Grube, DDS

Recover You Brain and Memory

  • Dr. Damon P. Miller II, MD CNP

How Did Our Health Food Lose It's Health?

  • Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Cardiovascular Care at it's Heart; the Unique Role of Oxygen in

our Body's Self Repair of Chronic Disease

  • Dr. Paula Strait

Retrain your Brain by Exercising with LIVE O2

  • Dr Angelique Hart, MD and Tom Butler, MSOM

A Wellness Plan That Could Save Your Life

  • MC Erin Elizabeth

I am Living Proof: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

  • James Templeton

The Fungus Among Us Causing Chronic Disease

  • MC Doug Kaufmann

The Cancer Revolution: a Program to Reverse & Prevent Cancer

  • Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

POWER UP! How to Improve Your Mitochondrial Function

with Diet and Light to Prevent and Treat Disease

  • Dr. Joseph Mercola,


  • Kelly Gallagher

High Vibrational Diet: A Simple Segway to High Vibrational Living

  • Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N.

What Have We Learned So Far?

  • MC Doug Kaufmann

Reversing Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia with 85% Success!

  • Steve Hines ND

Your Body is Electric & Healing is Voltage

  • Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD

Cardiovascular Care at it's Heart; the Unique Role of Oxygen

in our Body's Self Repair of Chronic Disease

  • Annie Brandt

Emotional Freedom Tools: Mind-Body Skills to Build Resistance

  • Dr. Michelle LaMasa-Schrader

Fear, Faith & Falsehoods… Cancer is Not a Death Sentance

  • William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

What Can You Do Now To Make a Difference?

  • MC Doug Kaufmann

Beating Cancer with Advanced Testing

  • Jenny Hrbacek, RN

PERSONAL POWER... YOU Are Responsible For Your Health

  • Dr. Norm Shealy, MD, PHD

How to Recover a Child from Autism

  • Dr. William "Lee" Cowden

How Do You Know If You Have Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease and the Ground Matrix

  • Jack Miller ND

Curing the "Incurable: Lyme Disease and Beyond?"

  • David Jernigan, DC

Prevent Diabetes & Heart Disease with the

Right Nutritional Supplements

  • Dr. Steve Haltiwanger

The 6th Extinction: the Future of Humanity if the Global

Vaccine Agenda Continues.

  • Dr Andrew Wakefield

33 Tips for Surviving a Toxic World Health Crisis on a Budget OR

The Cliff Notes for Surviing a Health Crisis

  • Kelly Gallagher

"A huge thank you to these amazing heart centered Doctors. Each and everyone of them took their personal time to share truly life changing information. The name “Get Your Life Back” says it all!!! I am grateful for the opportunity to have this information available at my fingertips for ongoing reference, and to share with my family and friends!!”

Melody A. 

Livestream Consumer


It was very informative, empowering, on how to take control of our health, both physical and emotional. Taking ownership for what you can do for yourself to prevent disease. All speakers I talked to were friendly and openly shared their research and work. I am an athlete and took home some great information that I needed for my own health.

Fred H.

Conference Attendee

Hidden Truths Revealed

Talks from Trailblazers of Modern Medicine, the Award winning doctors from the Doctors Who Rock Awards and the prestigious Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine. These paradigm shifters have come together to teach simple adjustments in the way we live our lives so you we can spend more time enjoying your family, your friends, your work. Education can make all the difference in the world. It’s time to learn the secrets to the immune system and what you need to know to take the best care of yourself and your loved ones. Don’t you deserve the best you?


Memory Issues


Heavy Metal Toxicity, Testing & Detoxivication


Hearing Issues




Secrets of the Immune System and how to restart it!


The Cannabanoid System and why we need HEMP/CBD oil?


ADD, MS, ALS, Diabetes


Secrets to Lymphadema


Autism Support


Discover Keys to Heart Health


Cracking Lyme Disease


Skin Disorders


Secrets to Longevity


Sleep Issues


Root Canals and Dental Implants Causing Health Issues


Chronic Neurological Disorders

"I was so blessed to be gifted a day of this Conference by an autism Mom. I first heard about it on FB during Dr. Mercola's interview with my favorite Dr/Healer, Dr. Jerry Tennant. My notes I took that day and on livestream the following

day are like gold to me! Please continue

your amazing work!

I tell everyone that is searching for health about your website and how you can join for FREE!!! I look forward to building your next event with you. This is a can't miss event! The icing on the cake was seeing all the recognition handed out at the

Doctors Who Rock Awards to these amazing

people who want everyone to stay in



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